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The cabFLARE Story

The Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle market continues to undergo significant technological advancement. With green initiatives, ride sharing pilots, and lots of regulatory changes.

While some conveniences have arrived, such as credit card payments, live maps and in-cab entertainment for passengers, we found that a few major players control vast portions of in-car equipment and communications subjecting drivers and owners to hefty added costs while providing those same drivers and owners little to no increase in business or profitability.

Contrary to many of the vendors profiting from these initiatives, and to our surprise, all of this added technology has done little to nothing to assist drivers in finding a fare or consumers in finding a taxi.

cabFLARE’s beta is an experiment to see if both drivers and consumers alike can find a happy common-ground where drivers can locate nearby fares and consumers get the nearest available vehicle...period. Our research shows that this would disrupt the decades old adage that you cannot reduce cruising time without reducing availability. This disruption alone would be extremely “green”.

Implemented as a mobile web application, cabFLARE does not require personal information or registration from the consumer. Drivers do need to register with cabFlare in order to respond to consumer requests. cabFLARE does not require access to your contacts, phone state, or other personal data on your device, unlike many other mobile apps. cabFLARE also offers users the added feature of using their Twitter credentials to allow the service to update them when a driver responds and is on their way.

We do require that your mobile device and browser supports geo-location services (GPS) and javascript. cabFlare has been tested using Apple’s iOS v3.2.x and higher, Google’s Android v2.2.x, and RIM’s OS v6.x, devices.

While the cabFLARE beta is designed to truly mimic the notion of hailing a taxi, the solution has been built out to enable traditional future bookings, as well as centralized dispatch. These and other features are immediately available for fleet owners.

cabFLARE’s beta applies the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Sherlock (well, you know what we mean). Any solution can be easily over-engineered. Let’s just see how this resonates, first.

Lastly, we kindly ask for your help in spreading the word. Especially to drivers, since this experiment will fail miserably if nobody is monitoring the sky. Thanks for your interest and with your help, we hope to serve you one day soon.

- Team cabFLARE

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cabFLARE Launches - FREE Public Beta

Let the experiment begin!

cabFLAREs only last around five minutes. So launch away.

eventFLAREs last around fifteen minutes.

Consumers:  Creating demand will tell local drivers - "hey, use this".

Drivers:   Local monitoring tells consumers - "hey, we're watching for you".

Both:  Please be patient while each of you scale.

Will cabFLARE work for your community?

We want to hear from you.

Thank you for your participation!   (see Press Release)